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Moxedo Collection

Successfully designed and developed a user-friendly eCommerceĀ  platform that allows customers to conveniently order and pay for products online using mobile money bank transfer. The website also includes a pay on delivery feature for added flexibility. It showcases various shop categories, including Men, Women, Hoodies, and Bottoms, along with a selection of discounted products.

About Moxedo Collection

The Moxedo Collection is a life style Brand, defining young crowds & allowing them to be who they are & bring out what they stand for. The Moxedo brand set out to create a world-class service/product tailored for the modern and fashion-conscious teen consumer. Moxedo Collection approach is to equip clients with the power to use fashion to bring out the unheard facts about who they are.We thrive on our creativity and flexibility, a trait that enables us to relate with our target market whose test switches with the new art.Our approach right from its foundation, Moxedo is set out to create and offer class services.We are simply the answer to whatever young minds seek in fashion

Launch Website
  • ClientMr. Ngono Benson
  • IndustryFashion
  • ServicesDesign, Art Direction, Website
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