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Mercio Advocates

Mercio Adcocates website development project required designing and building a professional and user-friendly website for the law firm with web pages display detailed information about the firm, its services, and profiles of the lawyers with a convenient “book appointment” form to facilitate client interactions and inquiries.

About Mercio Advocates

Mercio Advocates is a distinguished Ugandan law firm specializing in commercial law, situated at the heart of Kampala’s Central Business District. Mercio Advocates name, derived from ‘Comercio,’ reflects their focus on commerce. With a proven track record, Mercio Advocates excels in business registrations, advisory services, and litigation, particularly in banking, debt collection, contracts, and mortgage originations.

Launch Website
  • ClientMr. Selwambala Julius
  • IndustryLawyer, Legal Services
  • ServicesHosting, Development, SEO
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